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Radiant Belly – Owner, Lorell Miller
Home Birth Kits & Midwifery Supplies

Hi, my name is Lorell Miller and I started Radiant Belly in 2007 when I was in midwifery school. I am a midwife and live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Jason and our son. We are avid bike commuters and enjoy bike camping.

At Radiant Belly, we provide home birth kits and midwifery supplies to midwives and their clients, the most friendly and helpful customer service and competitive prices on the products we sell. If you find one of my products at a cheaper price elsewhere, please let me know and I will try to beat it! In addition, if you want me to carry an item that I don’t currently carry, please let me know I will see if I can find a supplier!

I’ve set up Radiant Belly to be as sustainable of a business as I can make it. We pick the box that most closely fits the products we are shipping and cut it down if it is too big.

This minimizes the amount of packing materials that we need to use. We also reuse as many boxes and packaging materials as we can. Then we recycle everything else that we can. Many of the products we carry to have more packaging materials that I’d like. I do what I can to choose products that have less packaging, but sometimes there is no alternative.

Choose Radiant Belly for all your home birth kits and midwifery supplies.